The craftsmen are the true heroes of the KENETTE story. We work with manufacturers in Los Angeles, Italy, and Spain to create our bags using time tested techniques and luxurious materials. We believe in the importance of craft in today's culture and are committed to supporting local art, artisans, and cultures. We have been fortunate to find great artisans who have come to be our partners; without whom we could not succeed. Our master craftsmen create items of enduring beauty.
We work closely with our quality-certified tanneries and local fabric outlets to source the best materials. Many of our leathers are made uniquely for us; this results in preserving the leather's natural luster and suppleness, making it a joy to the touch. While traditional and artisanal, our tanneries are updated to meet the best environment-friendly practices. We rigorously test each material to ensure the color and finish are exactly right.
I started KENETTE to create something to authentically reflect my own beliefs –the way I see the world and how I wanted to express myself creatively. KENETTE is a tiny design studio without any big backers. I believe it is essential to have a vision and do more with less. I wanted to create a minimal design brand with a twist in perspective.