KENETTE is dedicated to ethically realizing accessories with enduring beauty.  Small batches are handmade by artisans in Italy and Los Angeles using premium Italian leather and upcycled fabrics with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Designs, distinct in form and craft, are inspired by architectural lines, natural motifs, and the easy elegance of California.

Kenette Louis is a Haitian American Handbags & Accessories Designer, who has designed for Coach, Levi’s, Pottery Barn, MCM, & various emerging brands. As a child, Kenette excelled at the arts and they propelled him from the inner city of Miami to Syracuse University and on to a successful career in luxury fashion. After completing continuing education studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Kenette was hired by American luxury accessory leader, Coach, where he spent four years as a product engineer learning how to optimize quality and functionality and then six years as a designer contributing to the meteoric success of their men’s division. After a decade of learning the best in class processes and techniques at a multi-billion dollar brand, Kenette began freelancing to broaden his range and to focus on his eponymous line. His vision was to offer the quality of a big luxury brand with the bold design and specialness of a smaller artisan. He now resides with his family in Los Angeles, where he draws great inspiration from the dynamic creativity of the city, from architecture, and from nature.